Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: Mozart's Symphony #25 in G Minor]

There is a story about Thomas Edison in which one of his assistants said something like, "We've tried this a thousand ways and it doesn't work! We've accomplished nothing!" Edison reportedly replied, "Nonsense. We've learned a thousand ways it doesn't work." What's the moral of the story, and what is your perspective on the idea?

1. Journal
2. Collect/account for course agreements & summer reading notes
3. A word about Big Questions
4. Treasure hunt
5. Essays & P2P evaluation

1. Finish Poetry #1
2. Begin reading "The Right to Your Opinion" for discussion on Friday 8/16


  1. I had forgotten how amazing "The Laughing Heart" is! I think some time should be set aside to discuss it for a few minutes on the connection of the title or any other significant points people have about it.

    Oh and how could I forget the recital! :)

  2. This journal topic today was really helpful when figuring out the poem, "The Laughing Heart". For me personally, the journal topic showed the importance of making mistakes and having failures in order to achieve success. Failures are lessons to learn from and that making mistakes are a part of being human, but we must decide whether to conquer those failures or to give up. Bukowski failed many times, but was able to beat his failures (or as he said "the darkness" ) and used his mistakes to not only help him succeed, but to also encourage his readers to do the same.