Tuesday, August 13, 2013

poetry #1

This commercial below was produced by Levi's (and then pulled from the airwaves in the UK due to the image of the young person staring down riot police), and it raises questions. Here are the ones you are required to answer by Thursday, August 15.  Please post your responses to #1-4 on your course blog-- title your post POETRY #1.  Question #5 will, natch, be an impromptu live performance.

1. From what poem/author does this commercial borrow (without credit)?
2. Why might the use of this poem by a corporation be considered ironic?
3. Does the poem reflect the reputation of the author? Why/why not?
4. How did you find the answers to #1 & #3? Describe your research process and your sources in detail.
5. Memorize the poem and be prepared to recite it on demand.

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