Thursday, January 9, 2014

january 9

JOURNAL TOPIC: (today's tunes: "I Know There's An Answer" by The Beach Boys; "I Don't Know" by The Blues Brothers; "I Don't Wanna Know" by Dr. John)

What did you think about as you read the passage from Siddhartha? Did you recognize literary elements? Did you wonder where the passage occurs in the book, or what happened before/after it? Did you connect it to real life? Did you compare the psychology of the character/s to your own or people you know?  What actions did you take while reading (i.e., did you print it, annotate, or take notes)?

1. Journal
2. Discussion: synthesizing style & content
3. [for Friday] Your colleagues are treasure to be hunted* (*catch and release)--remember, when you save a life you take responsibility for it
4. [for Friday] SMART goals redux

* In class today we hacked the Agenda (see #3, 4 above & #5 below).  We also decided that it would be valuable to re-read the Siddhartha selection (see january 8) and identify any literary techniques from this week's lit terms list.  Please do so & come to class tomorrow (Friday) prepared to discuss.
1. Search for AP Literature/Composition questions on Siddhartha (I used the search terms "AP Literature questions Siddhartha") and find five multiple choice/essay questions worth asking.
2. What do these questions tell you about the AP exam? What do you need to "see" when you read a passage?
3. Create a post on your course blog entitled, "AP PREP POST 1: SIDDHARTHA"
4. In that post, please: a) list the five questions you chose and the URLs where you found them; b) answer the five questions to the best of your ability (if you listed an interesting question that you can't answer because it's not covered in the passage, explain what information you'd need to do a proper job); and c) explain what the questions tell you about the skills/content you need to master for the AP exam.
5. On a piece of paper, write the next draft of your SMART goal/s for this semester and bring to class for discussion tomorrow (Friday, 1.10)