Tuesday, March 4, 2014

masterpiece theater

Here, in all its glory, is the current list of everyone's masterpiece topic.  They're grouped by class because that's the way I took notes, but I have intentionally mixed up the periods and omitted course/class designations and links.  If you see something you want to learn more about, start a conversation by commenting to this post, commenting to the person's blog, or networking the old-fashioned way and asking around.  For easy reference here is a link to the Expository Composition Member Blogs.  If you see any errors or omissions, or if your topic has evolved, please comment to this post accordingly.  (Tip: one great way to gain followers and begin collaborations is to go on each other's blogs and ask questions about these.  Some of the pairs/triplets are working collaboratively, and others are using the same words to describe very different ideas.)

Austin: stand-up comedy, satire, women in comedy
Mackenzie: sex trafficking in America
Jacob: culinary arts
Dale: freedom
Grant: neuropsychology (and/or astrophysics?)
Nik: film criticism & the technical elements of narrative in film

Derek: fire
Alex: commercial diving
Joe: graphic design
Joey: life after the Army
Judith: compassion
Rachael: zoology/big cats
Amparo: boxing/MMA
Alex: fashion merchandising
Paige: political advocacy for women; comedy
Elizabeth: swim coaching
Billy: water polo coaching
Francisco: meanings in hip hop
Jon: writing a novel
Alicia: ag business
Johna: large animal chiropracty
Roman: producing instrumental album
Analyssa: photography/portraits of learners
Joseph: personal training
Erik: law enforcement
Jasmine: community activism/"bless you" bags
Lauren: decision-making
Caroline: transition to college
Micaela: transition to college
Hayley: teaching gymnastics to children
Michaela: physical therapy/nutrition
Maira: nursing & child development
Jose: sports & motivation
Jason: athletic training; wrestling
Uri: music; biology
Rudy: music & memorization
Zach: sports medicine & physical therapy
Sam: investigative forensics & writing
Rachel: body image & media
Melissa: environment
Allyson: genetics
Becky: body image & media
Bianca: comic strip on high school isolation
Ashley: comic strip on high school isolation; psychology; recreation therapy
Jake: large animal veterinarian
Daniel: sociology; endangered species; indo-European culture
Shane: in the footsteps of Siddhartha & Kerouac
Maddie: OSL presentation & scholarship for Lisa's mom
Edmund: fiction; sociology & philosophy
Colter: site/app to get people out of the house
Kevin: designing & printing clothes
Amanda: travel; Italy; sweetbread
Vanessa: pediatrics
Sam: drumming & community
Ricky: drumming & community
Maria: language, religion & culture
Erica: compassion
Izamar: in loco politico (please visit and contribute)
Javier: in loco politico
Nakesha: getting out of the rut
Miranda: travel & experiential learning
Kendall: eliminating self-consciousness about body image
Lindsey: blowing stuff up
Lissette: publishing a novel
Kylie: adventure
Tiana: travel journalism
Veronica: music management
Gabi: compassion
Shane: human pleasure & happiness
Daniel: culinary arts
Valentina: helping others
Maggie: labor & delivery nursing
Alina: fashion industry
Dustin: engineering
Taylor: presentation in media and personal life
Elias: agriculture; nutrition & fitness
Matt: engineering
Carlos: boxing & personal transformation; kinesiology
Chance: baseball
Andrew: making music
Bobby: street art
Matt: aviation
Jacob: body building & endocrinology
Sierra: cosmetology
Loren: journalism & creative writing
Jorge: time; dance/fitness
Cesilio: engineering
Alfredo: environmental engineering
Malik: electrical engineering; physical therapy
Amara: reading exploration
Kristian: video
Marisol: making a positive difference
Elisia: visual learning
Hayley: past/present/future
Vanessa: video baking
Ian: music as a force for good in the world?
Annette: connecting with literature
Bailey: elementary education
Rachel: California Country DIY; teaching
Sarah: transition to college; accounting
Micaela: cosmetology; presentation
Chase: law enforcement & community development
Teanna: mentoring children; softball
Maddi: social science; HS survey
Cameron: photography; little moments
Eli: electrical engineering
Miranda: what is stopping you?; HS bucket list
Lesther: video/compassionate action
Jenna: amplify the positive in the media
Serena: amplify the positive in the media
Hannah: adventure
Meghan: adventure
Taylor: adventure
Whitney: evolution of movies with society
Breanna: evolution of movies with society
Connor: reading/writing/experiential learning
Kelsey: international trip & learning culture


  1. Micaela is not doing cosmetology and Rachel is not doing CCDIY.

    1. Thanks Sarah, and apologies for my sloppy note-taking ... What ARE they doing? Memory sez Rachel might be teaching...? Please fill in and I will edit tonight or tomorrow

    2. Micaela and Caroline from period 3 are working with Rachel and I to create a website/blog in the form of a guide directed at independent college students. The blog will also be our views on the transition from high school to college concept. All of us are incorporating our intended majors; Rachel wants to be a teacher so she is using the blog to focus on clearly conveying a message, Micaela's focus is advertising the site, Caroline's focus is posting easy make-up tips for crammed schedules (and more), and my focus is share how to live well on a college budget. We are not limiting ourselves to these ideas but it is the backbone.
      Thank you for correcting!

  2. Is there another Ashley? If not I am not doing what you have on there. If you have two Ashley's I am doing cosmetology.

  3. Ohmygoodness Maddie, you are beyond amazing! *tears of joy*

  4. also, my masterpiece: Romeo & Juliet + theory of consciousness