Monday, March 18, 2013

introduction and syllabus

Welcome to AP English 4. Following is an introductory memo and course syllabus; please print, sign and return the tear-off on the first day of the 2013-2014 school year.

Please note that the summer reading has been updated. Please note the Montaigne-for-Shakespeare substitution, and also note that you can read Montaigne at at your local library, or purchase a copy online, or reading the complete work here:

AP4 Intro _ Cover Sheet 1314


  1. I am really excited on reading Pride and Prejudice and The Poisonwood Bible. :)

  2. Referencing the cell phone policy, does this mean the previous years allowance for technological reliance is voided?

  3. Thanks Jasmine, I just read the syllabus & realized some of what I cut & pasted years ago is obsolete. I will amend when I get back to my computer. For now, please disregard the bit about cell phone use: collaboration and using electronics are NOT cheating. On those occasions when you have to think for yourselves the old-fashioned way I will give specific instructions.