This is the place to learn about tools that can help you learn, curate, and optimize your online experience.  Please contribute suggestions via email (to or by commenting to this post with a description and a link.  As the list grows we can think about how to organize it for easy reference.  Mahalo.

SCR free screen recorder enables recording from phones and tablets.
Wiggio enables us to create groups for all sorts of communication and collaboration purposes.
Instagrok integrates journals, pinning, and search.


  1. Codecademy is a free online resource to learn computer code, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. I'm currently taking the JavaScript course, and I'm having so much fun I might go back and take the HTML/CSS course for the lulz/to see if there's anything I missed from my self-taught crash course (i.e. several years of screwing with wikitext and a few hours reading the w3schools HTML tutorial). You probably wouldn't guess that learning programming could be fun, but my last lesson was building a choose-your-own-adventure game involving Snow White and Batman. Cool, right? Anyway, I would recommend that everyone learn at least the basics of HTML, because whether you know it or not, whenever you write a blog post or a comment it's in HTML. However, if you don't know how it works, you can't take full advantage of the language. It's like using a calculator but not knowing math. Y'know?