Tuesday, November 5, 2013

$70M high school football stadium?

According to this article, voters in Texas are being asked to foot the bill for a high school football stadium that "would open in August, 2015, seat 14,000 people and cost $69.5 million. And it would be placed right next to the 10,000-seat arena they already have."


  1. This stupidity just bugs me. Yeah I guess the stadium is convenient, don't have to share venues, but that's A LOT of cash for a stadium to fit only 4,000 more people. If they organized themselves the venue sharing shouldn't be an issue. Like another comment on the article, ONCE AGAIN THE PRIORITIES ARE OUT OF WHACK. 69.5 million!! That could be used to fund the academic facilities. The option for ALL or NOTHING, made me angrier. So they can either get the following: agriculture centre expansion ($25m) and a science, technology, engineering and mathematics centre, along with the stadium or none of it all. The stadium isn't a necessity, and this is where want and need continue to be mixed up.

  2. Obviously a waste of money if they already have seating for 10,000. The money definitely could be spent on newer equipment for the school in the classroom to help further the students' education.

    but hey, if Texans want to build a $70 million dollar high school football stadium, I'm not gonna be the one to tell them no.

  3. Is it just me or they just want to live up to "Everything is bigger in Texas." ?