Thursday, May 29, 2014

masterpiece academy day 6

Notes from Thursday, May 29

The first presentation of the day honored the tradition of the senior project "scrapbook" approach. Taylor, Hannah, Meghan, and Kylie (who will actually present to period 5 on Friday :) presented The Adventures of Us, a tumblr blog. The Prezi below that shows how they integrated where they are, where they've been, and where they're headed in their learning journeys.

Here's the video they embedded in the prezi:

Hayley collaborated with peers-as-focus-group to envision the perfect high school:

Colter reminded us to GO OUTSIDE (this is especially relevant as I finish this post to the tune of, "Daddy can we ride bikes NOW?)

Nakesha & Danny are Students Hacking Life:

Breanna, Eli, and Whitney implored us to Seize the Day:

{Hey, can one of you email me the vid or upload to Dropbox/YouTube & share?}

Zach shared his career goals in physical therapy-- and he did it from memory since the prezi wouldn't load.  Thanks to the magic of asynchronous curation, here it is:

In fifth period, Erica brought us into the world of the campesino.  Her presentation was powerful, moving, and important.  Thank you, Erica.

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