Saturday, April 27, 2013

quotes for the day

I didn't post this kind of stuff often last year, but some of the current member blogs inspire me.  Check out Josh Montero's as an example.  It's a blend of academic achievement, personal interest, and pop culture/commentary that really gives you a sense of who he is and how he thinks.

So, here are two quotes (among many) that shed some light on my teaching philosophy and why our learning (slash-test-prep-slash-college-admisssions-and-scholarship-support) community will function as a network instead of the traditional one-to-many broadcast:

For I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

 The future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed.

It's important to get comfortable sharing and exchanging ideas while being mindful that each post/comment/Tweet/etc. gives the public a sense of who we are and the choices we make.  This can be a great way to establish your identity-- as people see your ideas and the way you treat others, they come to trust and value you as a resource.  Start by commenting to this post; what do you think of these quotes?  What are some quotes that inspire you?


  1. I think the quote "so it goes." Is an awesome quote. Since we have started reading slaughter house five the meaning of the quote has already meant alot to me. It has gave me insight on the situation I was put through last august.

    1. I love that quote because it is so simple, but so much meaning. I believe, from my point of view, it means it lives. :) Hahhaha Sounds like horror line.

    2. I've actually been thinking about getting a tattoo to remember my Nana by and its going to be a country looking cross with a blue butterfly landing on it with the quote "so it goes" under neath it with the date she passed away when I turn 18

    3. sounds great! i will be there with you on that!

  2. "All children have to be deceived if they are to grow up without trauma." -Kazuo Ishiguro in Never Let Me Go. That's my favorite morbid quote of the day.

  3. "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." -2 Chronicles 15:7
    I like this verse because it is reassuring after a long day of hard work.

  4. "All men are created equal, some work harder in pre-season."
    -Emmitt Smith

    Just a reminder that what you put in to whatever you do will be what you get as a result. It's always nice to remind ourselves that every great person must have started from somewhere. We begin with scratch and build our way up to a masterpiece.

  5. I think that the second quote by William Gibson is quite accurate in the sense that we all have a future and that humanity itself has a future but not all of them are going to be good ones.
    A quote I like is “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”- Mohandas Ghandi. I think it shows that we forget the value of slower moving events in life. Sometimes we need to step back and see that maybe something that takes time to achieve means a whole lot more than something that you can accomplish within seconds.

  6. I think that these quotes describe what America is today, by Jefferson's quote telling that we won't have a cruel and oppressive government or rule. Which is true in America because we still have our amendments and constitution. In Gibson's quote, America hasn't distributed all these new technology to everyday citizens. The reason being is that the new technology cost more than an average person in America can afford, which makes the distribution not equal. For example Google Glass, brand new futuristic technology that cost $1,500.(I forgot my example and it was actually really good if I can recall)
    Some quotes that inspire me are from Einstein, his quotes are out of the box and reminds me of my brain but not with his intelligence.