Wednesday, May 1, 2013

this year's seniors & next year's seniors

Today was the second in a series of lunchtime chats between this year's seniors and next year's seniors.  Topics included the AP course, college admissions & scholarships, and life in general at the top of the HS food chain.  If you haven't stopped by for one of these yet, please contact Ryland Towne ( for more information.  This is great preparation for the world after high school, where the best way to find out about a professor/course is to ask the students who are in the know.

Have you ever seen a group pay such close attention?  At LUNCH?

You would too if you were watching Laura, Haleigh, Brady, Troy, Justice, Carly, & Ryland explain how to rock the AP exam, create a valuable path of inquiry and build an online network. 

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