Friday, July 5, 2013

are you willing to work hard for what you want?

This study says you're (in general, as a demographic) not.  Thoughts?

Given the issues we face today, imagine what you could accomplish if you were as committed as these teens.


  1. Although I hate to say it, I would definitely believe the study. However, I would say that the students in this class are more motivated than average, and more willing to put in hard work than typical high school students.

    Also, the article referenced advertising as the reason for the increase in entitlement, and I would agree that advertising is part of it. Reality TV is probably also a factor (the idea that average people can suddenly become famous without much work just by getting on TV) as well as the radio (I love the Pandora tags for rap songs like "cash-obsessed lyrics" and, even better, "boastin' lyrics").

  2. I would hope that the studies have changed slightly for the better considering that the article's "current" data came from 2005 and 2007; before the Great Recession.

    However, I think that it can generally be assumed that, whether youth or adult,most people don't want to work hard to receive material things out of laziness.I don't necessarily understand how this is only specified towards teens; maybe because they're are an easy target.

    Nonetheless, it's easier to focus on the those who are willing to ruin themselves just to get their 15 minutes of fame on TV; thus using them as a general stereotype. But, there is still a wide majority of hard-working youths out there. For example, teens in Maryland and Massachusetts led a movement to lower the voting age to 17. I wouldn't give up on us teens just yet.

  3. I agree with Brenna's second paragraph. Given the option, I believe anyone would prefer getting money they didn't have to work for. The results mentioned in the article are probably more prominent in teens because we are still hopeful or slightly naïve that there is a possibility of getting money without hard work. Adults and older age groups, on the other hand, have enough life experience to come to the conclusion that that is a ridiculous aspiration which rarely occurs.