Thursday, April 17, 2014

april 17


Write yourself a performative utterance about how you intend to use the break to: (a) recuperate; (b) develop your masterpiece; and (c) prepare for the AP exam.

1. Journal
2. Present Macbeth micro-lessons (and please comment to this post or emails with URLs so I can see them :)
3. Take full advantage of the peers and classroom resources you won't have nearby during break.

1. Please check the course blog over the weekend (if you don't follow/receive email updates) for guided AP work;
2. Reflect the elements you need to prepare for your Masterpiece:

  • A network of >20 people including an expert mentor;
  • Artifacts (text, pictures, videos, animation, music, [?]) that tell the story and the "making of" story;
  • Resources and vocabulary that establish you as a person who knows what s/he's talking about;
  • The sort of passion, caring, and integrity that you can't fake.
Over break I will post suggestions and samples of your work.  By Monday, April 28, you should be able to show us a 3-5 minute preview of your Masterpiece.

3. Please post FIVE STEPS, in which you explain five steps you will take over break so that you can show us something when we reconvene.

2. Enjoy your vacation! :)


  1. Here you go!


    prezi from Marisol Duarte, Kelly Kim, Teanna Silviera and Maddison Hill

  3. A little late to the party but better than never!

    Amara Sharp and Sarah Stevens

  4. A Guide To My Masterpiece: The Social Injustice Of The Campesino
    Post on my blog along with other interesting post leading to my masterpiece!