Wednesday, December 11, 2013

fall semester showcase p3

[Working to complete this post between showcases today and tomorrow-- if you have a file, link, or embed code, please send along.]

Thanks to everyone who presented today!  We learned about an amazing range of ideas and the people who are pursuing them.  Following are highlights (listed more or less in chronological order); if you don't see your presentation here or if you have something to add/correct, please comment or email with info & a link or embed code.

Melissa, Allyson, Brenna, Rachel, Lindsey, Miki, Becky
Head to their Big Questions tumblr for links to videos, Prezis, and more

Shane, Edmond, Colter
YOLO: You Only Launch Once

Rudy, Zach, Hayley, & Lauren
How To Get Past Memorization

The Happiness Project

Ashley & Bianca
To Draw Or Not To Draw: A Visual History of a Friendship

Micaela, Caroline, Hayley
If I Won the Lottery