Saturday, January 18, 2014

AP poetry and prep for tuesday's essay

If you memorized the St. Crispian's Day speech and feel you understand it intuitively, you're off to a great start for Tuesday's essay.  If you feel like a little more guidance/structure/practice will help, try the following:

(*If you haven't memorized the speech, please spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with select passages that you believe capture the overall tone, theme, and sense of the narrator/context.)

1. Reflect on the process of memorization and the meaning of the text. What did you learn through the process of reading deeply? What questions do you have about the context of the speech and the techniques evident in it?

2. Paraphrase Henry V's speech and describe what you know about the narrator, the structure, the theme, the purpose, the tone, and the grammar/spelling/diction.

3. Consult the following chapter on AP writing/poetry (*If Docstoc asks for $, or if you can't read for any other reason, please email for the .pdf-- I will also send the .pdf & embed code to Lisa/Random Absence Mentoring.)

AP ENGLITCOMP writing about poetry -

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