Thursday, January 23, 2014

january 24

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

Yesterday we identified an opportunity to improve.  Please use today's time in class to discuss the novel you read (Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, or Catch-22) with your literature circle.  In the course of your conversation please make sure each person in your group comes away with a solid understanding of:
  • Evidence-based conclusions with regard to theme, tone, characterization, and plot (i.e., can you accurately describe each of these elements in the novel and point to textual examples that illustrate/support your ideas?)
  • Examples of the literature techniques (from the lists of terms)
  • Ways that the author used the techniques to deepen the reader's understanding (e.g., how does Dickens' use of anaphora at the beginning of Tale of Two Cities illuminate the tone and foreshadow the conflict?).
Please leave ten minutes at the end of the period to reflect on the process in your journal.  What did you talk about?  How did you approach the topic/s?  What made sense and helped you understand?  What do you still have questions about?

1. Please post LIT TERMS: LIST 4 definitions/usage/remix to your blog by Monday, January 27
2. Reminder: Literature Analysis #1 due next Friday (January 31)

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