Wednesday, February 26, 2014

february 26


Tomorrow morning you wake up to discover that you are utterly alone.  (This is a familiar premise that narratives from "Twilight Zone" to "28 Days Later" have used.)  There are no neighbors, relatives, passersby, zombies-- absolutely no one.  What will you have to learn to survive?  How will you determine the value of what you learn without someone saying "good job" or giving you a grade?  Assume nothing and take nothing for granted: explain your next moves in detail.

1. Journal
2. MGOTM [1]: Brave New World
  • Discuss Chapters 5-7
  • Confirm your understanding of plot points, thematic implications, evidence of tone, and characterization
  • Identify literary techniques as you see them (this is a cheap and easy way to review for the midterm).  For starters, focus on the narrative structure of the chapters and the figurative language/symbols Huxley uses.
3. MGOTM [2]: Team [Your Name Here]
  • Get to know everyone in the room and discover what they're working on.
  • Find ways to share content, experiences, contacts, and skills.
  • Identify five people as your "go to" support system (Note: you will eventually include Members in all 608 classes, but start with people in your class today)-- this will become the core of your peer network.  Besides providing immediate help and reinforcement, it will give you a foundation to work with as you expand.
  • Consider what/who else you need in your network
  • Take notes on it all so you can do the HW easily (or simply write your notes on a device and upload in a post to your course blog)
1. (To think about out loud during the period, due Monday 3.3) Per yesterday's conversation, please find and document three resources that will help you on the path toward your Masterpiece.  Tell your blog readers where you looked (and why), what you found, what makes the resource credible/insightful, and how it helps you think and move forward. 
2. In a post entitled MY TEAM, publish your thoughts from class today.
3. Reminder: Literature Analysis #2 due this Friday, 2.28 

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