Friday, February 7, 2014

february 7

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "We Are Young" by Fun; "Little Boxes" by Walk off the Earth (*Walk on, Pete Seeger); "Psychedelic Sally" by Lionel Hampton, from the album "Fun"]

Describe a time when you got so interested in a school assignment that you forgot it was for credit.  If you haven't had this experience, describe a time when you got so "into" what you were doing that you lost track of time.  If you haven't had that experience either, think back on your childhood and describe the last awesomely creative thing you did that was so cool it still puts a smile on your face.

1. Journal
2. Monster Garage of the Mind (MGOTM)
3. How to begin your masterpiece

1. Either on paper or in a blog post entitled LAUNCH/DRAFT, please answer the following six questions to the best of your ability:
  • What am I passionate about?  What do I want to do?
  • How can I use the tools from last semester (and the Internet in general)?
  • What will I need to do in order to "feel the awesomeness with no regrets" by June?
  • What will impress/convince others (both in my life and in my field)?
  • How will I move beyond 'What If' and take this from idea --> reality?
  • Who will be the peers, public, and experts in my personal learning network?
2. Reminder: study lit terms & lit analysis due 2/28

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