Friday, February 28, 2014

kudos: february

Congratulations to the following students on their college admissions, scholarship wins, and amazing accomplishments!

Paige Logan (Admitted to Cal Poly SLO/Political Science, San Diego State, CSULB)
Alex Hunter (Admitted to CSULA, Cal Poly Pomona, Fresno State)
Malik Pope (Admitted to San Jose State)
Erica Marquez (Admitted to San Jose State)
Summer Morgan (Admitted to CSULB)
Daniel Rucker (Santa Maria Elks' Club Scholarship)
Gabi Pereverziev (Admitted to Sonoma State)
Amanda Cagle (Admitted to Arizona State University)
Jake Hoffman (Admitted to CSULB, Stanislaus State, CSUN)
Ashley Hong (Admitted to CSULB)
Miranda Nillo (Admitted to St. John's University with $18k/year scholarship; admitted to CSULB; admitted to San Diego State University; admitted to University of Pacific with $6k scholarship)
Becky Aldrich (Admitted to UC Irvine)
Serena Nichols (Admitted to SDSU, Arizona State University with $12k/year scholarship)
Sarah Stevens (Admitted to CSULB)
Kendall Villa (Admitted to Cal State Monterey Bay)
Micaela Hellman (Admitted to CSULB and CSUSM)
Marisol Duarte (Admitted to San Diego State, UC Riverside, CSULA; Dell Scholarship semifinalist)
Taylor Duguran (Admitted to Cal Poly SLO)
Bailey Wineman (Admitted to Cal Poly SLO)
Izamar Diaz (Admitted to UC Riverside)
Annette Sousa (Admitted to University of La Verne, Cal Poly SLO)
Kristen Crockett (Admitted to Cal State Monterey Bay)
Elisia Estrada (Admitted to San Diego State, Sonoma State, CSULB) 
Becky Aldrich (Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce Scholarship)
Meghan Martella (Admitted to Cal Poly SLO/Civil Engineering)
Sarah Stevens (Admitted to San Diego State)
Micaela Hellman (Admitted to San Diego State)
Jenna Noce (Admitted to Cal Poly SLO)
Allyson Brown (Awarded Full Tuition Scholarship at Ohio Wesleyan University)

If I missed anyone, or if you've done something amazing since I posted this, please let me/us know in class or comment below.

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