Thursday, February 6, 2014

february 6

JOURNAL TOPIC: [no tunes today; write in your journal after your essay exam]

What worked well for you today?  How well did you understand/address the prompt, organize your argument, and articulate your thoughts? 

1. Essay exam
2. Journal (HW if no time)

1. Journal (if necessary)
2. Reminder: lit terms 5 due on blog tomorrow (Friday)
Fits and starts
Starts and fits
So it goes in a game of wits.
If you're going to win,
You'll need to read.
"What?" you ask
"Where is our task?"
Collaboration's no sin
QRs planted the seed.
The text is a click away 
for everyone in need.
"Huh!" you say
"Where's the place?"
If you can find A. Grace
She'll tell you it's as plain as
The ________ on your face.
Fun day, fun day!
Hope we all get to play.
And if you need an "A"
know the text for a quiz on Monday.