Friday, May 2, 2014

may 2

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Test for Echo" by Rush; "Until the End" by Breaking Benjamin)

(Today's topic is a "Twofer"-- please answer both parts.)

1. You (should) have written a lot this week; is there anything left for you to practice/improve over the weekend?  Do you need to practice more multiple choice?  Essays?  Double-check your knowledge of literature analyses?  Rehearse the timing of pre-write/draft/proofread?  Take inventory-- one last time-- and describe how you will address any areas where you feel less than 100% confident.

2. Three days before the first AP exam of the season.  Do you feel like you're getting revved up to be at your best?  Why/why not?  We can't change the weather but we can change ourselves-- what do you need to do to optimize your frame of mind?

1. Journal
2. Learners' Choice: essay prompts, multiple choice questions, masterpiece previews

You are in the final stages of preparing for an endurance sport.
1. Get >6 hours of sleep each night (and take a 15-minute afternoon catnap if you can.)
2. No (more) caffeine.
3. Eat balanced meals of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs.
4. Audit your performance-- with your partners/colleagues-- and do what you need to do this weekend to build your confidence.  If you need additional resources or real-time feedback, please let me know; I am your on-call tutor this weekend.

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