Wednesday, May 28, 2014

masterpiece academy day 5

Notes from Wednesday, May 28

Jasmine, Rudy, and Lauren taught us how three very different interests could be woven into one masterpiece.  Find one of them to discover what happened with the rap battle and what may happen this summer.

Ian reported for Shane and Mia about how the three of them created Warrior Nation.

Vanessa explained why she loves baking: "It's the smiles on the children's faces."  She plans to open a bakery and specialize in cupcakes. (I'd like a dozen, please. -Ed.)

Rachel and Becky shifted gears.  Their previous collaboration focused on mediated images that influence how we feel about ourselves.  Rather than continue the focus on how others influence us, Rachel and Becky investigated how we influence the world by pursuing our passions.  Rachel addressed this from the perspective of an award-winning visual artist, and Becky described her experiences as a ballet dancer and choreographer.  Check out their video:

Sam pulled off something remarkable.  A social media ninja, Sam is extremely quiet in class.  Watching her colleagues' masterpieces inspired her to live what she tells others:  She actually made herself the masterpiece in real time.  Instead of focusing on a career goal, or an academic subject, she decided to talk to her classmates.  For the first time.  Ask her about it.

Annette and Bailey smashed the last great American stereotype.  They stood right up front in an English class with no apparent external reward in sight and said without a trace of irony: "We have a passion for reading and writing."  To share it they created

Miranda created Mind | Matter, a site/e-zine/window on culture.

Kylie gave us a preview of coming attractions for

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