Wednesday, May 14, 2014

masterpiece academy presentations

Beginning on May 19, the inmates will take over the asylum as students show how they've become the masters.  Each of you will teach the rest of us:

  • How you decided what you're passionate about;
  • The value your topic/field/skill has for us;
  • How you learned more about the topic/field/skill by:
    • Finding resources
    • Becoming fluent in the language of the practitioner
    • Seeking out a mentor 
    • Collaborating and getting feedback from peers/blog followers
  • How this has enriched your life and your experience in this course.
Per our conversations in class, your presentation should include:
  • Visuals and/or hands-on experiences that bring the audience into your world
  • Enough craft so as to convince us you didn't just throw something together for a grade
  • Handouts or main points you think we should remember.
Please note that there will be a final essay exam based on the curriculum you create, so be sure-- as both presenter and audience member-- that you are getting the maximum understanding and value from everyone's presentations. 

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