Wednesday, May 28, 2014

masterpiece academy day 2

Notes from Thursday, May 22

Allyson took us back to our roots-- er, genes, with a glimpse into genetics through her descriptions of U. of Michigan lab experience and her plans for Princeton. (Don't miss Sam Berns' TED talk.)

Jose took us inside the RHS football program and described how he's developing a tradition of excellence based on honor and discipline. He's onto some very important values of motivation, community and teamwork, and whether he coaches or not it's pretty likely he's going to find himself in the business of winning.

Maddi showed us how art-- mural-making, specifically-- simultaneously reflects and inspires creativity. Maddi, please make that YouTube video public so we can see it again! :)

Elisia decided to master animation and blow our minds with what she learned how to do in a couple months:

Javier and Izamar shared inlocopolitico and reminded us all that participating in a representative democracy doesn't happen unless we know what the %#@!! we're talking about.

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