Friday, May 30, 2014

masterpiece academy day 7

Notes from Friday, May 30
(I'll be adding to this shortly. :)

Anytime Miranda shows one of her videos it's a special occasion-- this one brought her audience to tears.  See more of her videos and pictures at M.A.N. Creations.


Teanna showed us how a sport can become a life philosophy.  Check out her softball tumblr here.  (Hailey had the quote of the day. :)

Hemingway wrote, "The world breaks everyone, and in the broken places we become stronger."  Hayley & Michaila took this literally and turned their injuries into interests in physical therapy.

Jason's approach to wrestling is bound to give Haley and Michaila business. You can see a video of his season here.

One thing I've been struck by this year is how much we learn--about core content, about ourselves and each other, and about things right in front of us--when we're outdoors. Marisol illustrated this in her presentation about hiking.

Danny showed us how the child's mind goes pro. Important lessons for learning.

The drum circle is one of the oldest forms of community media. Sam and Ricky are ushering in the modern era. 


  1. Since many people showed interest in Marisol's song choice in her video, Its called Pop Danthology 2013.