Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 19

JOURNAL TOPIC: (today's tunes: "Learning to Fly" performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and "Learning to Fly" performed by Pink Floyd)

What did you learn in this class last week?

1. Journal
2. Observations on Week 1/feedback on journals, assignments, and overall performance so far
3. Literature analysis requirement
4. Vocabulary and grammar
5. Poetry mop up
6. (if there's time) "The Right to Your Opinion" follow-up & implications

1. Read your partner's 1987 AP essays and evaluate according to the AP Scoring Guidelines (due Friday, August 23)
2. Define and write sentences around the words in vocabulary #1 and post to your blog (title: VOCABULARY #1)
3. Select a novel and bring it tomorrow
4. Answer the following questions in a post on your blog entitled REFLECTIONS ON WEEK 1
  1. Are there any factors that you think are going to affect your participation or experience in this class? Access to a computer?  Mobile/smart phone?  Transportation?  Friends/family? Schedule?
  2. Think of an awesome best ever learning experience that changed you. What did you learn? Where were you? What happened? Who else was there? Did it teach you anything about how you learn (or pay attention... or remember, or think?) How did you know what was happening? 
  3. What are you most [excited/concerned] about in this class? What do you look forward to in learning?  How do you think it can/will make a practical difference in your life?


  1. Dr. Preston,

    Do we need to have the book for the Literary Analysis on-hand with us when we go to class tomorrow?


    Did you mean that we should already have an idea of what book we would like for the Analysis by tomorrow?

  2. so the book i want to read was published in 2001 but its about the victorian ages kind of like pride and prejudice but modern writing style and the book is called Midnight bride by Susan Carroll. is it ok???????