Friday, August 30, 2013

four reasons you shouldn't exist

According to this article, "Physics says you're an impurity in an otherwise beautiful universe." 

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  1. There was an article I read similar to this one that made me realize this: "I am a miracle." (Note: the letter I is actually a variable that stands for ANYTHING. Here, for simplicity, I'll use the letter I to mean "myself.") The fact that my parents met, and the chain of parents before them, and the exact events of the past 17 years, how unlikely is that? Even the fact that my English teacher went to a certain website and read a certain article and decided to publish it in a blog post, which I happened to read, what's the probability of THAT? Certainly everything that's ever happened to me has influenced me to some degree, meaning I'm a sliiiightly different person because I read the above-linked article vs. if I didn't. So let's pretend the probability of me doing <whatever> vs. not doing <whatever> is 1/2, or another arbitrary fraction. Times that by everything that I've done ever, and the probability of this exact version of me existing is some freaking small number I don't even want to think about. In other words, a miracle.

    Given: I wouldn't exist if I wasn't a miracle. You (yes you, with the computer screen) wouldn't exist if you weren't a miracle either. Nor would anyone, nor anything, nor the universe itself. Et cetera. If you consider the multiverse, everything becomes simple. Our universe works. An infinite number of universes don't. For anything capable of thought (e.g., you) to exist, he/she/it by necessity was created by one of the miraculous universes that work. So why question it?