Sunday, August 25, 2013

it's a beowulf mindmap & you're invited

Over the past two years I've eased into introducing tools as the fall semester progresses.  Last year we didn't get to mind maps until mid-November and we took a few days to warm up to the idea before we dove in (you can see the finished product here).

However, each Open Source Learning community is different.  Even though we're only heading into the third week of school, several people saw an opportunity and asked if they could set up a mind map for the Beowulf questions where everyone could contribute and collaborate.  When I get a question like that it's hard to say/type YES fast enough.  So, thanks for the suggestion Rudy, and thanks for setting up a mind map Lisa (be sure to check out the map she did on Pride & Prejudice)!  Lisa networked with Trevor Hudgins (RHS '12) and created this post on her blog to invite everyone to participate.  

There is already a FB group but not everyone's on FB, so if you'd like another alternative-- or even if you're already working with the FB group and you want to compare/borrow (with attribution)-- check out the Beowulf comprehension questions mind map and upload your answers, questions, ideas, and insights.  Looking forward to hearing more about this tomorrow!


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