Monday, March 24, 2014

march 24

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Mighty Bruins" by Bill Conti; "Hail to the Hills of Westwood" by Bruin Harmony; "Sons of Westwood" by the UCLA Marching Band]

Congratulations to all who were accepted to UCLA.  Welcome to the Bruin Family.

Finish the following sentence (with a reflection that lasts at least half a page and explains why): "In order to get the score I want on the AP English Literature & Composition exam [and/or finish this course/year with pride], I will have to..."

1. Journal
2. The Week in Preview

1. Post masterpiece "test" (title: THIS IS ONLY A TEST)
2. Post expert profile (title: IS THERE AN EXPERT IN THE HOUSE?)
3. Reminder: Literature Analysis #3 due March 31


  1. i dont get what we are supposed to do on the expert file...

    1. I can't remember the exact directions, but I think it involves identifying who can be classified as an expert in the field of your project. Then explain what makes them an expert, and what aspects you can be judged on that can improve your standing in the field. (Something to that extent, I would focus mainly on identifying an expert and what makes them thus.)

    2. Right. Think of the skills, abilities, and/or experiences that would qualify someone as an expert. Then identify candidates. Toward the end of the week we'll discuss invitations and what to do with these people when they show up.