Wednesday, March 12, 2014

this just in: help a high school student and his dad

You are all very well-versed in this conversation, so please contribute your thoughts in a comment.  I will share this link with Randy at the end of the day on Friday. Mahalo.


  1. As far as activities to try out different career fields go, there's volunteering at Marian medical, and North County Volunteer corps to get one familiar with different environments but I don't know that those would really focus on a specific career field.
    The best source I've had so far is school elective classes to try out different hobbies and "majors" if you will, so it may mean a few extra classes at school to find a passion.

    Beyond that though, and this may not be very helpful, but as far as knowing exactly what one wants to do as soon as they get to college is not always the definitive factor. I personally have a general idea of what I would like to major in so I chose a UC school with a wide range of opportunities in case I found that what I applied into wasn't my niche. And, once one puts aside the whole major stress hype, (By applying for a major I found very interesting, but that wasn't necessarily something I wanted to scream and shout about) it's just a decision of "What kind of weather do I want?".
    The first two years of college are *mostly* general ed (Or classes that can be transferable between major programs), so a student can get a feel for degree focus and things they like (By taking electives) and switch majors if needed.

  2. I am not exactly sure, as I had what I wanted to do planned out from a young age, but I have two suggestions: 1) Have him consult his counselor about Boys' State. You can read about it with a quick google search (it is far to much to talk about on here, sorry), and if you have any deeper questions about it, you can ask me, as I was my high school's delegate last year (you can contact me through my blog, which can be found under "member blogs." I am Daniel Rucker of 3rd period). Second, STAY IN BAND, band has been such a great experience for me, and I plan to do it in college.