Thursday, March 6, 2014

march 6

This week you're working independently.  How does it feel?  Are you making progress?  Are you treading water until the teacher gets back?  Are you on track to finish Brave New World?  Are the in-class exercises helping (and if not, how could they be more effective)? Are you proud of your Benchmark project yet?  What needs to happen so that you're proud of it by Monday?

1. Journal
2. Brave New World work (please make sure you're finished reading the book by Sunday night, and please post your thoughts on the chapters/classwork/your response to the book on your blog in as many posts as you need to articulate your work and how it influenced your thinking)
3. MGOTM: tie up loose ends, take advantage of being with your colleagues while you're with them, and plan the next three days so that you're not scurrying frantically Sunday night.

1. Finish Brave New World and post to your blog in the process
2. Resource of the Day
3. Benchmark papers/projects due Monday 3.10


  1. Will anybody explain M GOTM to me..i understand the name but not what we're supposed to be posting/"scurrying for Sunday night"....

    1. This is the "benchmark project" we talked about before I left--can anyone help with explanation & examples?