Monday, March 3, 2014

march 3

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by The Dropkick Murphys; "Peace of Mind" by Boston]

Tomorrow I leave for Boston to speak at the 2014 Digital Media & Learning Conference.  Since all of us will be working independently on our masterpieces, and we've been emphasizing collaboration throughout this process, help: what essential elements of Open Source Learning do you consider highlights that I shouldn't forget to talk about?  What about school constrains or challenges Open Source Learning?  Since the talk is at 11:30 Eastern (8:30 Pacific) [***UPDATE: I misremembered the schedule.  The talk will start at 11/8.] Wednesday, and we've talked about connecting period 1, how do you think students should be included?  Do you want to present your work, answer questions from the audience, or ...?
What do we need to discuss today so that we all have peace of mind for GOSD this week?  Make sure to get your questions answered.  I will also remain available via comment/email.

1. Journal
2. DML guest host/panel?
3. The week ahead

1. Resource of the Day
2. Have you started reading for Literature Analysis #3 yet?
3. Finish Brave New World by Monday, March 10
4. Benchmark: Due Monday, March 10

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