Friday, November 1, 2013

member blogs: best of

I was just reading through the Member Blogs when I realized spent five minutes longer than I thought on Ian Steller's blog.  (I think I wound up there through the Random Absence Mentoring post on Princeton University.)  Why was I reading back through vocabulary and a literature analysis on Siddhartha that I'd already read?  There's a special quality about some of these blogs: the features, the layouts, the music (or quiet), the colors/graphics (or minimalist/functional design)... they just seem to work.  When a site draws you in like this, you begin to understand why there is an entire field of study dedicated to user engagement.  Kudos.  Please Note: There are lots of great ones, please comment to this post with your favorites--it might help someone's grade.

[Speaking of Kudos: I forgot to type/take a picture of the Kudos in class today-- will post Monday.] 


  1. I know this is a little late but two blogs that are favorites of mine are Brenna's ( and Lindsey's ( . I think it might be the tumblr lay out that I find interesting, but both girls have incredibly good navigation and they both post personal things which makes a blog so much nicer to look at.

  2. I like Rebecca's blog too! :) She has music and a style that is totally hers!

  3. So one could say his blog was... STELLAR.
    *insert lame pun coon*