Saturday, November 16, 2013

the brain with 156 legs is...ALIVE!

[UPDATE Saturday 1:45 P.M.  Brenna just posted a link to a TED talk by Daniel Kahneman that is so good I'll be stuck at my laptop for the next 20 minutes.]

[UPDATE Saturday 3:35 P.M.  Watching Ashley, Elisia, Lindsey, Maria & Miki work on the mind map (the Dr. Doolittle cover is a nice touch, Lindsey!).  It seems like we're getting the basics covered-- we'd be prepared to help someone answer a basic comprehension/recall question like, What books does Dawkins think world leaders should read?  But the deeper and more interesting question is: Why?  Do these books contain a powerful message?  Are they merely fashionable among certain types of thinkers?  Kudos to Erica for explicating Dennett's book-- I haven't read it and seeing the 7 tools really helped!]

[UPDATE Saturday 4:10 P.M. Thanks for editing the title link, Allyson! :]

[UPDATE Sunday 2:10 P.M. Thanks to everyone who participated during the first 24 hours.  Since this mind map will stay up for the foreseeable future, please feel free to continue contributing. #timeflies] 

Check in on the action here.

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  1. I can't take credit for editing the link because I didn't. When it says "last modified by," I think it is sometimes just the last person to click on it.