Wednesday, November 6, 2013

youtube question

Does anyone know how to post a still photo for a music video, so the video just displays the pic throughout the song?  Please comment with your how-to wisdom.


  1. I do, but its not of you tube, I can make the video on the computer using windows movie maker.

  2. Well depending on the video maker they have embedded on their computer it differs, you can use windows movie maker or if you don't have video editing software on the computer, I'd be glad to show someone how to install sony vegas pro 12, its a professional editing program. It requires a little hacking and patching. So contact me if you need to install a video maker. OR you can download the simple movie maker for windows.

    Instructions for WMM (using windows 8 WMM):
    -Open your WMM
    -There is a button that says add video/photo click on it
    -box that pops up, where you can search for the video/photo file
    -you click on desired picture
    - the desired item appears on the right side where it is automatically added to your video
    - double click the picture and the edit tab pulls up, this is where you can change how long the file appears in the video.
    -in the top part of the screen it says DURATION you can change it to how long you want it to be 30 secs. 10 secs. REMEMBER IT IS IN SECONDS.

    -click file
    -save movie
    - another small tab opens with various options click FOR COMPUTER
    - a window pops up that says SAVE AS TYPE, make sure you change it to WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO FILE.

    then you upload the video to youtube.

    Anymore questions just ask!:D
    hope its helpful

  3. If you are using iMovie, you must start a new project and choose your picture (which must be in your iPhoto gallery). You would click the icon (small square icon on the right side of the screen with 4 other square icons) that has a camera and it should drop down to pictures from your Photo Booth and iPhoto gallery. Once you've selected your image, drag it to the new project area. Then you must choose your song that you wish to put in the video. The audio icon is also square and near the picture icon. After selecting your song choice from the drop down menu, you must drag the audio to the project area where the picture is. Now, the song will only play for the duration the picture is timed at, so you will have to change that duration to however long the song is... Then viola, you're done. All you would need to do after is finalize your video and from iMovie you can update it to YouTube with description and everything!

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