Monday, November 18, 2013

november 18

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Symbol In My Driveway" by Jack Johnson; "Money" by Pink Floyd]

Although we all buy, use, wear, and eat real "things" in the world, our selections are also symbolically significant in our culture.  When is a car a mode of transportation and when is it a status symbol?  How much of your wardrobe, home decor, and other "life accoutrements" are designed to "say things" about you in addition to serving their basic function/s?  Can you make a meaningful connection between your thinking on this topic and Plato's style and/or message in "Allegory of the Cave"?

1. Journal
2. Mind map collaboration p/review
3. Plato: style and substance

1. Review vocab lists 3, 4, 6, & 7 for quiz Wednesday
2. Bring your ID if you want to check out Great Expectations or Tale of Two Cities on campus Tuesday, November 19
3. Review Plato (essay Wednesday, November 20)

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