Friday, November 8, 2013

a letter from kurt vonnegut

I see the words in big blue graffiti every day in class.  So it goes.  Every day I read those words, and every day I think of Kurt Vonnegut and the people he's influenced.  Still, it's always great to see something familiar through someone else's eyes (why else would I read Hamlet for the nth time?).    This week Amanda Lyons tweeted me a message about a letter Vonnegut wrote to high school students, and it's a powerful reminder of why his words touched so many so deeply.  Inside each student and professional there lives a human being with a giving spirit, a loving heart, and a curious mind.  That's who Vonnegut wrote for.  And since he's not here anymore, it's up to us to remind each other.  So Read his letter.  Then Read it again.  Then LIVE it.  I'm going to keep trying too. :)
From the Letters of Note website: 
"Back in 2006, a group of students at Xavier High School in New York City (one of whom, "JT," submitted this letter) were given an assignment by their English teacher, Ms. Lockwood, that was to test their persuasive writing skills: they were asked to write to their favourite author and ask him or her to visit the school. Five of those pupils chose Kurt Vonnegut. His thoughtful reply, seen below, was the only response the class received."


  1. This made my day! I'm going to try it :)

  2. Reading this made me want to audition for that music scholarship every school is telling me about. :)

  3. Wow, what an awesome response. I only know a few people that actually live to the advice that he gave the Xavier High School class. Are we going to read any of his works as a class this year? I know that some students read "Slaughter House Five" last year. If not I would like to read it for a literature analysis.