Tuesday, November 5, 2013

remix resources

Sarah's take on "to be or not to be" and our conclusion of Hamlet makes this the perfect time to formally introduce the concept of the remix.

Here is Kirby Ferguson, creator of the Everything is a Remix series, explaining his theory of creative inspiration, remix, and cultural commons, and citing some of history's best-loved "individual" creators and explaining how what they did was a remix, i.e., an extension and a part of the work that came before them.

2011/08 Kirby Ferguson from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

Here is an example of an augmentative remix (originally mentioned contributed by course alum Maddy Hunt and referenced by a few of you this year) in which a live talk by Sir Ken Robinson is reconfigured into multiple layers of visual media:


  1. The second video is why I want to become a teacher, education needs to change with the times!

    1. *Commercial Voice*
      Don't be a teacher, be a gardener of youth.
      Don't be a teacher, be a pilot of the plane to new education.
      Don't be a teacher, be the metaphysical push to the rest of the world.
      Swear these are all metaphors Preston used back to back to back the first meeting we junior year.

  2. It seems we need to make a change to the Education System...