Wednesday, November 20, 2013

november 20


Today's entry will be a post-mortem on your essay. Please reflect on your strategy (How did you study? Did you do a pre-write? Did you allow enough time to proofread?), your sense of outcomes (Did you rock it? Did you suffer? Did you rock it AND suffer?), and your takeaways/lessons for next time (What will you do better and/or differently?).

1. Essay
2. Journal

1. Begin collaborating with your literature group. Agree to an online platform and/or meeting schedule outside school that will support your study of Henry V, Tale of Two Cities, and/or Great Expectations. On that platform, come to an agreement on a reading schedule that will enable all members of your group to complete the reading by the end of Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday, December 1).
2. Post about your literature study/group to your blog (title: BRAIN WITH [x] LEGS). Describe the process of choosing the work, explain how you intend to collaborate on/offline, and share your reading schedule.

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