Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sorry to hear that Kenny Alvarez, a 2009 graduate of Delta HS, was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan.  Kenny was 23.  Today he comes home to Santa Maria.  You can read more here.


  1. I think we should all stop to think for a sec on the impact on the family, we hear of deaths and military ones I can relate to the most. most men think of serving their country and we are all able to see the wonderful places they become exposed to. They travel the world. But being a daughter of a man that serves is so much harder than what others are able to see. When hearing of this news a few days ago it hit a soft spot. Knowing he has a son, reminded me of when my dad left only 11 days after my younger brothers birth, didn't see him until 2 years later. I just ask for everyone to truly understand the situation.

  2. Preston! would it be possible to start some sort of memorial for those who attended RHS and have passed serving out country ?!
    From a bench to just pictures of them being displayed. It's history.

    1. Beautiful idea Maira. I know a few people on campus and in the community who will support this, let's talk in class today.