Thursday, September 26, 2013

study calls elite school saddest spot in manhattan

According to researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute, the highly rated Hunter School, "whose coveted spots are filled with many of the city's top performing students," is the saddest place in Manhattan.


  1. Interesting article! I could see how the pressure get to the kids because after all, growing up through the AP circle of kids, I've witnessed the stress hit kids and I have even felt it myself. School can be a depressing place but it is all you make of it and the type of learning environment you are in. I mean if my school had no window, I would probably be depressed too.

  2. This is one of my favorite comments pertaining to the article:
    "Listen to the students, they are pleading for change.... high school today is obsessed with standardized testing, competitive back stabbing, AP College Board pimping and prison like security. This makes high school nowadays very different from the days of the sock hop. Smart kid’s use social media to write Hamlet like pleas for help... the rest of the kids just grin and bear it because they don't have any hope of changing the system. That is because student leadership today is largely made up of grade grubbers, apple polishers, and resume builders."
    -Ned Scott

    1. Thanks for sharing that comment, I'm glad you found it! I think Ned Scott got it exactly right, especially that last sentence. It really sums up what I was thinking while reading the article!