Tuesday, September 17, 2013

screen shot solutions

How are you taking your screen shots, saving them, and emailing them as attachments?  (I use Skitch.)  Describe the tools/commands you're using in a comment below.


  1. I personally press control-alt-prt sc and then go to paint (I think it's just a microsoft application...It's just called paint.) and paste it in. Then I save the photo and email it. But I generally don't email screen shots, I've only ever done this in skypes.

  2. I also use Paint, but I use the PrntScrn button on my keyboard. First I press the button and take the screen shot, and then I go to Paint and press Cntrl and V (that's basically the paste command).

    1. But you don't have save the screen shot- you can also just use the PrntScrn button and paste the screen shot directly into the email.

  3. I basically do as Ashley said. But then I paste the picture in Microsoft Paint, and save it as a file, or edit/crop the picture before it is saved as a file.

  4. I'm not sure if it really counts, but I use my Iphone. I search, snap a screenshot, and send the photo through my email. Then I open up the file on my laptop to view/post. Other than that I use click "print screen" on keyboard and view on paint or Microsoft Word, then save it on documents.

  5. Well for me on a Windows computer there is a program called, Snipping tool. You can go to your programs and search it. When you click on the shortcut, a new little window pops up with the options NEW, etc. once you click NEW the whole screen stays frozen looking and turns white that is transparent.

    You drag your cursor to the appropriate size rectangle you are trying to screen shot and once you release the cursor.

    The same familiar window pops up with the NEW, SAVE SNIP, etc.
    Then I press save snip in the desired location such as saving it in my documents.

  6. I use a program called "snipping tool". It came installed in my comp. I just open the program and highlight what part of the screen do I want to take a pic of. When I use my iPod/iPad I press the power/lock button and the home button at the same time. . . . it's the same as the one Elisia said but she explained it better...

  7. Being a Mac user, I hold down the command + shift + 4 to get a little circle cursor that allows me to choose what I want to screen shot. From there my laptop automatically saves the screenshot on the desktop. From there, it's just like a regular photo and I can send it, upload it, or email it however I want to.