Sunday, September 8, 2013

social media and college search

According to this "comprehensive national study on the use of social media among college-bound high school students in the fall of 2008,"

Growth in the Use of Social Media in the College Search Process has Increased Substantially in the Last Four Years, But It Is Far From Universal

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  1. I guess I don’t completely understand the point of this research. Sure, kids are using social media to find information, maybe that’s shocking, but is it any different than asking your best friend’s opinion on something? I feel like this article is stating the obvious, kids are using the resources they are used to for reviews and information on decisions in their life. Welcome to the world.
    One might argue “Why not speak to a student counselor or an adult?” Well back in 1992 before the internet rage, do you think every college bound student went to find a trusted adult on every single question they had, or just asked their friends? Using social media to find reviews on a place or college or experience seems ingenious to me. I have done it myself. Why waste $50 bucks in gas money to go to college, or bother Mrs. Dirkess (? Apologies for the misspelling on that.) on things she may or may not have any idea about (As informational as she may try to be, she didn’t attend every college in California!) when I can go to one website where alumni can lay it out plain with no more than fifteen minutes?
    I guess what I mean to say, is I feel like these people put a lot of time and effort into studying something that is obvious. Kids use Google to find answers! People have slow mental reactions when they are drunk! Nine out of ten people prefer fresh breath over garlic breath!