Thursday, September 12, 2013

tumblr question

Can any of our Tumblr mavens help me out?  I'm going through Beowulf essays again to read comments and make some of my own, and I'm not clear on how to comment to a specific post on Tumblr.  It looks like there's a general message section, but I can't tell how to link this to the original post and/or make this most helpful to the blog's author.  Thoughts?


  1. From Cameron Reese: Your ideology is flawed.

  2. From Min Kim: Go to the submit bar, type in your email address, then write the comment, and then write what the comment is for. Then the person who owns the Tumblr would post the comment mentioning what it pertains to.

    1. In Submit there is an option that allows you to link the post you are referencing too!

  3. 1. You could go on my blog and at the top (where it has links such as Ask, Submit, My Posts, etc.) click on the Ask title. If you don't have a Tumblr, or wish your identity to be unknown, the message will be sent anonymously; so, once you put your comment in, I suggest signing your name at the bottom. (Other AP English blogs have this option as well, not just me).

    2. You can also go at the top of my blog and click on the Submit link, enter in your email/name, type in your comment, agree to the terms and conditions, sign your name at the bottom like in #1, and then send.

    I personally prefer #1 because every Tumblr should have either an Ask or Message link with the same ability; not everyone has a Submit link. Also, I usually post all comments on a blog post separate from the actual essay so that I can differentiate between the two, easily.

  4. You should probably get a Tumblr, and then you should do one of a few things: 1) Occasionally you can comment directly on people's posts, if so, this is the easiest way to comment, and just comment on the post. 2) The second easiest way would be to reblog one of the tumblr posts onto the tumblr blog that you would make to get a tumblr, and comment on it during the reblog, although with this way, there is no guarantee that the person would see it, 3) fan mail, this is private, and the person would defiantly see it, but it would not be commented on, posted, or connected to the essay, and finally 4) ask a question to the person, the button for this is found at the top of the page, next to the fan mail, and she would definitely see this, and be able to comment on it.

    P.S. I like your shoelaces