Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "I've Just Seen a Face" by The Beatles; "Face Up" by Rush; "Face to Face" by Wayman Tisdale]

Last week we discussed using indirect characterization to establish a character.  Today, describe a face that tells the story of a life.  (Picture each feature as a brief, compelling chapter in a biography: Has that mark always been there?  What caused that scar?)

1. Journal
2. Time out
3. Fun with Dick and Jane (or whatever you named your characters)-- (1) meet up with your group characters and decide where you're going and why; (2) choose three characters from the video below, describe their characters & reputations, and devise a reason for them to join your characters on your journey.
4. Virtual community and peer reviews

1. In a blog post entitled CHARACTER STUDY (II), use today's work to write your character into the emerging story you and your colleagues are creating.
2. Peer review: literature analysis (please visit < 5 of your colleagues' blogs and comment/ask questions re: their literature analysis #1; also think about how best to organize everyone's work so you can find it easily.  Last year's cohort put them on a mindmap-- can you think of something better/easier to use?)
3. (Due Friday 9.27) In a blog post entitled CHARACTER STUDY (III), invite your three East/West characters on the journey-- and get started by describing the meet-up and departure. 

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  1. I'm already working on a mindmap, but collecting links for the Literature Analyses takes FOREVER (although it'll be an amazing time saver at the end of the year!). I'd love to get a few people working on it so it the tedium would be a little more spread out. I gave editing permissions to all the email addresses I got for the Beowulf mindmap, and I'll gladly add more for anyone who's interested in collaborating! :)