Wednesday, October 2, 2013

october 2

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Travelin' Prayer" by Billy Joel; "In A Big Country" by Big Country]

In the tale you read, would you say that the traveler made the trip or the trip made the traveler?

1. Journal
2. Presentations: Tales
3. Upload group stories to the etherpad
4. Identify the location described below and write the story of how your characters discussed and solved the riddle (or collaborated with another group, or gave up and hoped for more clues) and made the trip from your destination to THE destination:

Hi diddle diddle,
It's time for a favorite riddle:
The entrance to Thebes is not for plebes.
You have a choice but only one voice
And talking to stone makes you feel quite alone
Biddle o'skiddle play fiddle.

1.  Post THE COMPARISON'S TALE to your blog, in which you explain how at least one of the tales you learned about from other groups shared Chaucer's choices of style/theme/tone with the tale your group read.
2. (Reminder) Vocab midterm Friday
3. (Reminder) Literature analysis #2 due Friday

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